Who Wants A Trophy-Shaped Cup? (Cup-Shaped Trophy?)

There once was a man by the name of Stanley, who decided that average trophies were not good enough for hockey teams, so he went and sculpted a cup based on a napkin drawing by Nigel Tufnel. The trophy was supposed to be 35 feet tall, but he got his inches and feet mixed up. » 5/24/08 5:00pm 5/24/08 5:00pm

Sonics Ownership Seems To Be Unable To Delete Old E-Mails

Any mail client has it. Trash can. Deleted items. They all call it something different, but my God, it's right there. A half-terrabyte of data doesn't mean you save every freakin' Twitter message that comes your way. The Seattle Supersonics management might have gotten away with merely being hated in Seattle for taking … » 5/24/08 3:40pm 5/24/08 3:40pm